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[IPWHL] August update

On Monday this week, we have released our weekly release of the cheeses.

With the increasing number of packages declared in our repository, it is harder and harder to keep track and decide which packages to package next. To address this, McSinyx has written a script to check which packages can be declared next:

from importlib.metadata import distributions
from glob import glob

from packaging.utils import canonicalize_name

def declared(project):
    name = canonicalize_name(project).replace('-', '_')
    return glob(f'ipwhl-data/pkgs/*/*/{name}-*')

for distribution in distributions():
    name = distribution.metadata['Name']
    if declared(name): continue
    for dep in distribution.metadata.get_all('Requires-Dist') or []:
        if not declared(dep.split(maxsplit=2)[0]): break

On the other hand, I have written a tracker page to see how far we have progressed this project. Packages that have not been declared yet are emphasized and colored red1.

  1. I’m not sure if this is accessible enough for colorblind readers and readers who use text browser or screen reader. If you’re aware of a better way to highlight please tell me. ↩︎


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